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Recruitment Process

Once upon a time, hiring employees was not complicated. It seemed a simple recommendation, or a brief meeting and a handshake, was testimony enough to hire an employee for a lifelong career of loyal service - to endure happily ever after.

Today there's no such fairy tale.

The reality is, a growing number of job applicants are taking desperate measures such as embellishing their credentials, misrepresenting their backgrounds - and committing outright fraud - in efforts to improve their chances of meeting certain job requirements and outshine their competition. According to a survey, last year's background screening statistics in the hospitality industry sector revealed 54% of candidates' submitted false information on resumes.

Unlike manufacturing,/construction / oil & Gas sector, hospitality industry recruitment is complicated. In manufacturing/construction / oil and gas sector most of the positions either technical positions or administrative. After a face to face interview, candidates can be sent for trade test with a reputed institute. On a successful trade test the vacant position can be filled on the basis of face to face interview findings.

In hospitality industry the scenario is different. Here it is people to people business. The Hospitality word itself remind you that people you require are the ones whose approach to their duties with a smile, a can-do attitude. Attitude is key to providing quality services in the hospitality industry ,Staff is the appearance of the hotel. The attitude of hotel employee is not less important than interior or menu of the hotel for a guest. You can not recruit only fresh people as trainees to run an organisation. You need experienced and qualified people who approach their duties with a smile and a can –do-attitude. You can not assess a person only through a personal interview or contents of his resume. You have to pick up the people from same industry. The only solution for this is head hunting.. Here our team of head hunters come to your help. 

Our head hunters are stationed in all metros of India.

The normal procedure followed by almost all recruiting agents in India is releasing advertisements in the newspapers for sourcing the candidates. There is always a risk that "right man" may not even apply. The experience underlines the fact. We don't rely on advertisement in newspaper or Job boards.

Recruitment through head hunting is faster than common recruitment ways. Since head hunting recruitment takes the initiative, locks the range of searching and establishes contact very rapidly, as well as make one-to-one exchange with the candidate in closed channel, it can reach the recruitment goal effectively.

Rather than just plug holes in a company, our head hunters perform extensive research so that, by the time they make their recommendations, the candidate is already intensively checked and referenced..

Head hunting recruitment is more accurate than common recruitment ways. Since head hunting companies mainly hunt the talents at the same positions of the competitor companies of the client and the hunted talents usually conform to the requirements, the phenomenon of hunted personnel leaving the company in probation period is rare to see. Moreover, after the candidate go to work through successful recommendation, head hunters will provide a series of services to help the candidate adjust himself or herself to the posts of the new company and country and avoid the risk caused by the failure of recruitment.

Our head hunters often has a sixth sense about people. He or she recognizes the fact that a resume doesn't tell the whole story. Through the interviewing process they become familiar with a particular individual's strengths and weaknesses. Since they are in the business of finding talent, they often have a special sense about which individual is right for which company. 

Our head hunters have identified a number of people from hospitality industry and their resumes are stored in our data bank. 

Once we know whom you want , our head hunters will bring him/ her to you 
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